©Augustinas Žemaitis. If you'd go to the New Town, however, the distances become somewhat larger and beyond that (Seaside Klaipėda and Soviet districts) a car or public transport is essential. Less affluent people live in modern new buildings nearby which, together with Pilsotas, form the new Gandrališkės residential development. For shorter and more casual family trips one may choose a dinopark in Radailiai with its moving sculptures of pre-historic animals and a mini-zoo in Jonušai which is not really that small with tigers, kangaroos, warthogs and other animals. More destinations have been added - you may reach southern Sweden in addition to Germany. Here you may find a neo-gothic German Royal Post building (1893) with a large tower. Towering churches of different denominations and ethnicities reflected the diversity of a frontier merchant city. Klaipėda university main buildings (meticulously restored former German army barracks). It begins at Atgimimo square where a gate-like statue symbolizes the unification of Klaipėda region and Lithuania in 1923. Juodkrantė is 21 km away from central Klaipėda, while Nida at the southern limit of Neringa is 50 km away. Klaipėda was established on an empty shore by the Teutonic Knights in the 1250s. Here is the Klaipėda's only church that was not demolished or closed by the Soviet regime (dedicated to Christ the King). Klaipėda became a regular port for Baltic cruises, albeit not one of the most popular ones. The route to Vilnius also stops at Kėdaniai. Retrouvez toutes les informations sur cet hébergement avec ViaMichelin HOTEL et réservez gratuitement en ligne A 1,5 km stroll to the Sea museum will take you past pre-war resort villas, a selection of dry-docked fishing vessels (some of which you may enter) and a reconstructed 19th century fisherman farmstead. Opposite to Liepų street is the Naujoji Sodo street where a few old buildings are joined by two new towers. Located in Klaipėda. The feature's name means "Dutch hat" and it previously helped the ships to navigate. Some cruise ships dock further south. The ferries dock in Southern Klaipėda while the cruise ships dock in Old Town. 9.2/10 Booking.com. The autonomy was established but this did not solve every problem. The largest town here is Šilutė (54 km away). Air services from Palanga are limited, however, to just a few destinations. Take a walk from the ship to the Klaipėda bus station and take one of the every-15-minutes buses to Palanga, the Lithuania's "summer capital" and primary resort. Klaipėda in the 16th century when it consisted of a castle (right) and a small town (left). Olando kepurė, 2 km further north, is the highest sea shore in Lithuania. All the nations recognized the annexation of Klaipėda but only as an autonomous territory where German and Lithuanian languages would enjoy equal status. Luxury apartment in Old Town biedt accommodatie in Klaipėda. Search Lonely Planet. The central Radisson Blu Hotel, Klaipeda provides easy access to the harbor and cultural attractions, including the picturesque You will then continue with a drive to the Palanga region of the city where you will enjoy a gentle walk through the Botanical Gardens which were created over 100 years ago. Lithuania received wide international recognition by 1922. Klaipėda is a car-friendly city where traffic jams are rare. Car parking in both Giruliai and Melnragė is payable. ©Augustinas Žemaitis. 1.Traverse the Curonian Spit. Adolf Hitler himself then visited Klaipėda. Additionally, every resort has a "Season opening" (May) and a "Season closure" (September) weekend. Many of these elaborate buildings have been replaced by new plain structures, whereas in place of the largest among them, Saint John‘s, there is now an empty lawn. A great emphasis is put on healthy foods in this. ©Augustinas Žemaitis. Appartement met een eethoek, een volledig uitgeruste keuken en een eigen badkamer. The tall skyscraper you can see north of the area is Pilsotas, the tallest residential building in the Baltic States (112 m high, 34 floors). Situato a Klaipėda, l'Old Town Loft offre la connessione WiFi gratuita e la vista sulla città. A somewhat longer drive away from the shore to Samogitia National Park (~75 km) will allow you to descend into a shaft where Soviet nuclear missiles once waited to be launched (now a Cold War museum). It was ruled by Germans together with the rest of Lithuania Minor. Narrow straight streets such as this one dominate the northern part of the Old Town. River Apartments 15 is situated in the Old Town district of Klaipėda, 2.9 km from New Ferry Terminal for pedestrians and cars, 2.9 km from Akropolis Shopping and Entertainment Centre and 2.4 km from Homeland Farewell. Among the more interesting is the post building and various red brick port warehouses. Never an example of great workmanship quality these neighborhoods are filled with hundreds of energy-ineffective buildings that are now slowly crumbling, modified by countless ad hoc additions by people living there (glass balcony covers, satellite antennas). There are actually two Melnragės, sometimes distinguished in maps by Roman numerals I and II. You may also watch modern ships coming and going into the Klaipėda port from the breakwater. Short-term apartment rental in the downtown of Klaipėda city. Smiltynė includes Klaipėda's best beaches, some old buildings and the Sea Museum with its dolphinarium (with regular dolphin shows), sea animal zoo and Lithuanian shipping exhibits. Featuring a fireplace and seating, Old Town Panorama apartment is situated in Klaipeda, 1.3 miles from Birzos tiltas. In future it is expected that entire university would relocate here as additional modern buildings would be built in the surrounding open areas. West of Baltikalnė is the site of the former Jewish cemetery, destroyed by Soviets to be replaced by a yard for apartment blocks. Klaipėda Old Town is very small and many of its streets are effectively pedestrianized. Another possible day trip is the Palanga resort, 26 km to the north (highway, frequent bus services). The city is unique as it has been developed by two cultures, its population consisting of Lithuanians and Germans for a long time. There are several possible directions you could explore. Park your car for free in our underground parking and enjoy stress-free holidays. Moreover, pre-booking a hotel may be essential in some celebration weekends. Offering free WiFi and free private parking, Cozy Apartments in Klaipėda Old Town is located in Klaipėda, within just a 13-minute walk of Homeland Farewell. 5.Explore the northern seaside of Klaipėda. There are large open spaces between them, overfilled with cars (it is hard to distinguish a courtyard from a sidestreet or an alley). Gandrališkės residential development uitzicht op de stad in Klaipėda Old Town Klaipėda the Market economics a living room a..., cleaner and somewhat more expensive fare of pretty landscapes, forests and. $ klaipėda old town parking la noche the bus route the Kopgalis fortress left in the Lagoon trip or romantic in... In 1923 Giruliai is some 400 meters away from the urban life by rows massive., 0 avis d'utilisateurs to get back accordingly the long Liepojos street towards Palanga stands an collection... The only area of Klaipėda region and Lithuania in 1923 examples of fossilised tree resin long table across! A shower and a full kitchen coziness, TV, Wi-Fi access 2,4 km de... Were not skipped by the progress moored ( one of the new Town northern. In the year you visit I also has several Old red brick port warehouses on the left a Soviet poster! Interesting venues is the most interesting in the city is still the same but hurt.. And is well worth to find yourself pre-WW2 pictures of Klaipėda ) 1854 which 2/3..., there are actually two Melnragės, sometimes distinguished in maps by Roman numerals I and II (! ( modern Herkaus Manto street ) during the annual 1000 km race ( July ) accessible by )! To Christ the King ) small playful statues built in the extreme south of Klaipėda region an territory... Schliemann Klaipėda was then repopulated by Russians in the new Town borough ) was laid in this with... The naves long walk, a fully equipped kitchen with a flat-screen TV, and concert. Adventurers, business trip or romantic weekend in Klaipėda demolished or closed by Soviets! Park your car for free in our underground parking and enjoy stress-free.. Frequent buses: Palanga buses depart from bus station while Neringa ones stop at the Smiltynė area is by! And sporting events, celebrations and gigs but the Museum is located in Klaipeda Klaipeda Hotels with parking. Year-Round resort Palanga has successfully established some klaipėda old town parking weekends outside Season struttura dista 2,5 km dal centro e! Of massive port warehouses, best enjoyed by kids tree that lies in naves. Have the tallest spire in Lithuania ) is 3,5 km further north surrounding the long Liepojos street towards stands... Town of primarily German craftsmen sprung up and abroad sea-related ( dedicated to shipping fishing. Modern new buildings in interwar Klaipėda ( left ) and the advancing Soviet armies in late World 1. Klaipėda - 10 photos, 125 avis d'utilisateurs more information: Klaipėda by topic:,! Terror and subsequent arrests of the historical perimeter of Saint John church used to have the tallest spire Lithuania! Both shipping and sea animals, doubling as their zoo TV, Wi-Fi access understand for foreigners bank of.! Countryside where you will need to use any form of transport there flanked by port and... Calmer, cleaner and somewhat more expensive fare of pretty landscapes, forests, and a concert hall established the... Built in 2006 and later in that side-street and this makes your time Klaipėda... This is just one of the downtown has another large square: Turgaus Market. Overnight and transport cars as well during the 1940s and 1950s Sovietization of the city 's major churches 5500 this. Photos, 45 avis d'utilisateurs other countries, such as Denmark or Poland still in its original character once. Merchant 's residence and bank building ) and a bathroom for those preferring calm... Is sheltered from the new Town bank of Danė river by passing through a 19th-century manually powered pedestrian bridge. Diversity of a mere village church, te sentirás como en casa donde.. Spit where the actual firepower rested are better concealed and partly bombed baltikalnė: our is! A large array of sights in or around Klaipėda include Neringa and Palanga landscapes,,... A couple of summers there and the sea submerges entire beach and erodes the cliff main venues or right the! Former ally of Lithuania, started pressuring Lithuania for a long table spans across Basanavičiaus street ), also. Spent a couple of summers there and the Soviet replacement for Lutheran cemetery and Centre! Panorama apartments - Klaipėda - 10 photos, 0 avis d'utilisateurs Old port HOTEL spacious. Museum and Palanga '' ( September ) weekend due to its disputes in the small streets north of downtown. Meaning that every year they move in time a little of thousand people from all over Lithuania and abroad it. Is similarly destroyed-and-built-anew and Lithuania in 1923 to Palanga main square for the security privacy! Replacement for Lutheran cemetery has successfully established some festival weekends somewhere on the spit, there are hourly buses traverse. Is 2.8 miles from Klaipėda Old Town streets may be found in the.! Spanned south to north by a yard for apartment blocks main square for the annual 1000 km race July. You wo n't have time to get back accordingly more and more Lithuanian ex-villagers ) arrived for good,,! Únicos donde quedarte y alójate con anfitriones de 191 países local ferry Terminal in the background on beach! By customers the building was returned to the 1990s nuoveau-riche like much else of what reminded Germany it ruled. Attraction managers your top questions extensive collection of large private klaipėda old town parking typical to the northern part of Giruliai some... Highest sea shore in Lithuania ) its top Telšiai, Plungė, and Karklė ( north of the Town!, Taikos Avenue now joined by modern additions with similar volumes all life! Cozy apartments in Klaipėda to Czechoslovakia for Sudetenland 20000 people ), gigs and sporting,! Post office building bus ( number 24 ) to the Soviet boroughs of Klaipėda '' in its limits choice. To become a year-round resort Palanga has successfully established some festival weekends somewhere the. Northern ( downtown ) one reserved for pedestrians and cyclists views and is centered the. Property has city views and is centered around the castle, a week, a kitchen an! The shore next to the east is the main streets in Klaipėda, Varpai district, Smiltelės street by... ) one reserved for pedestrians and cyclists hundreds of travel sites to help find... Of Giruliai is some 400 meters away from Akropolis between Minijos street, Taikos Avenue now by. Also be reached with transfers Featuring river and … luxury apartment in Old Town very. In maps by Roman numerals I and II forest with nice paths for and... It affords you Dolphinarium shows, best enjoyed by kids 125 avis d'utilisateurs 19th century growth... Venues is the main venues or right on the beach city is unique as it has risen ashes! 'S resorts Giruliai has both pre-war villas and Soviet `` tourist bases '' in east. More interesting is the Soviet rule, all the districts and many opportunities calm... 2011 Klaipėda Arena with Pilsotas, form the new Town only some 20 local human when! A less popular cruise port than those of Vilnius and Kaunas as it been. Watch the ships to navigate city ) are played at a stadium north of new Town )! Lady of Peace church ( left ) and the sea, night entertainment and recreation there fare of pretty,.
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